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Unzip a RAR file email attachment. If you receive a.rar file as an email attachment, simply double-click to open it. UnRAR files on your Mac from the Finder. If you have saved a.rar file in the Finder, double-click it to open. After opening it, you can view some or all of the contents by highlighting the files and pressing Command+Y. Sep 11, 2020 RAR files function just like the ZIP files but have the file extension as.rar. So, you can’t unpack them with the default tools available in Mac. You have to use a third-party extractor software to decompress the RAR file. File Extension conversion from RAR to PKG is the conversion of computer file extensions from WINRAR Archive File to Mac OS X Installer Package. Furthermore, each computer program handles file extensions in a different manner. RAR Expander for Mac is a utility to create and uncompress files in RAR archives. Supposedly fully compatible with WinRAR, RAR Expander for Mac is a clean, simple app that installs in a few.

A RAR file is a compressed file that can contain any number of files and folders inside it. On Microsoft Windows, RAR files are assigned the file extension .RAR. Windows by default cannot open RAR files but you can install free 3rd party software such as Zipware to open them. RAR files are useful because they allow many files and folders to be bundled together into a single archive file that is compressed to reduce its overall size. RAR files can also be password protected using strong encrpytion which makes them particluar useful for creating backups of important files.

Opening and extracting RAR files

To open or extract RAR files using Zipware freeware simply follow the steps shown below. Zipware is free software that supports all the major archive formats including RAR, Zip, 7-zip and many more.

1. Download archive software

First download Zipware.
Click here to download Zipware to your computer.

2. Install archive software

Double click the file you have downloaded above to install Zipware.
Click through the installation wizard prompts accepting the defaults.

How open rar file free

3. Run Zipware

Find this Zipware icon on your desktop.
Run Zipware by double clicking the icon shown.

4. Open RAR archive file

Click the open icon on the toolbar, browse to your file with the .RAR file extension and click OK. You can also open it by dragging and dropping the file directly into Zipware's main window. The below screenshot shows an example of an open RAR file with many folders inside it.

What Is Rar Extension For Mac

5. Extract RAR file

Click the purple extract button in the toolbar and then select the directory where you would like the files and folders extracted to. Note that by default zipware will create a containing folder with the same name as the RAR file and extract all the files and folders into that directory. There are many options you can select when extracting RAR files but the default options are fine. For further details regarding all the options please refer to Zipware's help for extracting archives.


Note: Depending on the size of the RAR file it may take some time for Zipware to decompress and extract the files. Once the extracting process has completed you will be able to access the files like any other Windows files.

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What is WinRAR (rar) Compressed Archive?

The .rar filename extension is a popular and partially open archive file format associated with the compression and decompression tool WinRAR. The format was developed by Eugene Roshal with its initial release in 1993. It, like many other archive formats, acts as the compressed data container for one or several files. The archive format can maintain the directory structure of the compressed archive even when unpacked to a directory. The RAR file format supports multi volume file compression where an archive is saved as a sequence of several files of a given size.

What Is Rar Extension For Mac free

What is Zipped File?

The .ZIP file extension format is a file archive and data compression format originally developed and released in 1989 by Phil Katz. With compatible zip format software, a file or a group of files can be packed (compressed) into a single .zip archive which can later be unpacked (decompressed). The zip file archive format facilitates the distribution of multiple files as single archives particularly over the internet and networked systems. Many operating systems have native support for the file format and can usually open zip archives without the need for third party software. Microsoft windows for instance has had native support for the ZIP format since Microsoft Windows 98, similarly Apple’s Mac OS includes ZIP support through its default archive file handle Archive Utility.

Steps to convert rar to zip

What Is Rar Extension For Mac Os


Go To:- rar to zip

Step 2:

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Select File

Step 3:

Open Rar File Windows 10

Click on convert button

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