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Lisa Be, Chelsea Manchester, Ron Jeremy, Others. (1983) Winner of AVN's very first Best Film award in 1983, this could be the great Cecil Howard's top film. The moral symbolism and soul-searching drama is astounding. So is the sex, such as a classic erotic moment between Lisa Be and a considerably trimmer Ron Jeremy. Officer O'Brian is a member of Vault 101 security in 2277. Lightly armored and keen to deliver a bit of punishment to the vault civilians, Officer O'Brian is a vicious, unthinking man who delights in the pain of others. The confusion of the Lone Wanderer's escape makes his violent tendencies all the easier to hide. Officer O'Brian is guarding the locked atrium door to the Vault 101 entrance. ↑ Vault 101 PA System: 'Did you know - the odds of a Vault-Tec shelter failing are 1,763,497 to 1?' ↑ 4.0 4.1 4.2 Citadel terminal entries; Vault-Tec terminal, Vault 108 ↑ Vault 81 terminal entries; old overseer's terminal, overseer's private logs, Drills, Drills, Drills ↑ Vault 81 terminal entries; old overseer's terminal, Admission.

About This File

This is my Vault 101 settlement from Nexus, but has been updated and fixed. The version on Nexus is outdated, and since... well.. we wont get into that shite.

Vault Tec Workshop DLC
Settlement Features:
Vault 101 jump suits and Pip-Boy creates to outfit your settlers
101 Power & 101 Water. (See what I did there...don't worry, the cheese doesn't end there)
Radio Beacon.. just wire it up.
Settlement attacks and MM/Help quests have been disabled.
2 Beds: 1 in the Overseers and 1 under the stairs. (Might upload a fully cluttered to hell version later.)
All clutter is lootable. Well.. most of it anyway.
Some interesting items not normally found...a few items will only show up after you reach xx level.
A fun little Find the Keys challenge. (Hint: crank up that Pick Pocket perk!)
1 Brahmin and 2 pet Radstags.
Idle markers all over the place. But not a silly amount!
I tried to place them where they wont interfere with settlement stuff.
The diner booths have been fixed so the plates/clipboards are on TOP of the table instead of inside it. Each booth
only seats 2, this prevents settlers writing on their neighbors food.
The Overseers terminal has a bit of ramblings..


Vault 101 1 4 8

Use whatever MM you want, or install manually. It's only 2 files for Pete's sake. LOL


Any mod that edits the top left world cell.


Vault 101 1 4 8 3

I'd like to thank the thousands of settlers that selflessly gave their pixels in the creation of this mod. A virtual plaque will be place in the bathroom.. once we have enough donations.
And an honorable mention to the couple dozen Deathclaws who's lives were snuffed out, but in the end, was for no reason. (didn't use em)


Change Log:

Vault 101 Residents

I just upload this! What the hell did ya think would be here! Geeeesh! Nosey!