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Saga is an online PIM TreePad where you can take notes or even webclips like in Keynote, TreePad or Dappad, or read your RSS Feeds similar to the GoogleReader. The application is based on PHP and supports MySQL (CouchDB may follow). Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: 2016-08-19 See Project. TreePad Lite is a freeware information organizer software download filed under database software and made available by Freebyte for Windows. The review for TreePad Lite has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC. Import from basket, cherrytree, epim html, gnote, keepnote, keynote, knowit, mempad, notecase, rednotebook, tomboy, treepad lite, tuxcards, zim export to cherrytree file of a selection / node / node and subnodes / the whole tree.

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
May 31, 2006 at 05:04 PM


Tim detweiler wooden lock plans for picnic table Wood is a very versatile material. It can be used for DIY home decor projects. Wooden dowels are layered on top of one another to create a textural base for. Personal organizer TreePad is an intuitive and powerful personal database program, PIM and personal data search engine. It allows you to store all your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. Into a single file. With the look and feel of the familiar Windows explorer, editing, storing, browsing, searching and retrieving your data.

I don’t know how many of you might be interested, but version 3.0 of Treepad Lite (the freeware edition) is now available at

Treepad, I believe, was the first two-pane, hierarchical PIM. The free version, in my opinion, is a handy little tool to have around. Here is a list of the improvements:

New features in version 3.0

*********** Options ***************
* Added: a settings screen containing many new options. You can access the settings screen through “menu: View/options” or the new options toolbutton.

********** Toolbars ***************
* Added: a new button to open the options screen has been added to the file toolbar
* Improved: the ‘Follow Hyperlink’ icon on the ‘navigate’ toolbar has been replaced with a better icon.
* Improved: the ‘Search article’ icon has been replaced with a nicer icon
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also contains menu items for the infobars
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also appears when right-clicking on the article title bar, just below the article.

********** Skins ***************
* Added: one can now switch between ten skins to adjust the appearance of TreePad’s toolbars. Menu/view/skin or toolbar popup-menu/skin. The following skins are available: classic, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky, blue metallic, chrome, aluminium, vanilla, purple and green. The ‘classic’ skin corresponds to how the program looked during the last few years. * Added: the following skins are available: classic, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky and blue metallic. The ‘classic’ skin corresponds to how the program presented itself during the last few years
* Added: a new skins menu has been added to the toolbar popup menu, as well as to the view menu

********** User-interface *********
* Added: Windows XP themes support
* Improved: the tab below the article has been replaced with a nicer looking panel displaying the name of the article
* Updated ‘About’ screen, menu: help/about

********** Tray icon **************
* Many new tray icon options, such as: show in tray when minimized, show in tray when active, show in tray and taskbar when minimized, etc. etc. Menu: View/options

********* Tree *******************
* Added: a tree folder icon for each node. You can hide (and show) this icon using the options screen, menu: view/options

Treepad Lite 4

Steve Z.