Tool Used For Screws In Bottom Of Mac

Use the same screwdriver to remove the screw(s) that connect the small black plastic panel to the case, and then gently pull it away to expose more of the motherboard. Unscrew all 4 screws (they are different sizes, so keep track of which goes where) from the top and bottom of the grated metal plate (which is part of the antenna). Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:11 am. It's possible that they used thread locker like Loctite but that's a remote possibility. You should put a drop of Kroil penetrating oil onto each screw and let it.

im not too sure if anybody had this problem before.
but now,
one of my screw are missing... what should i do ?
where can i get one back ?
moreover, i think when i go fix my mac with the AASP in Canada,
they somehow make my air screws easy to lose, may be they use a wrong screw driver,
or, they tried to put some other screws in.. i dont know.
and i didint realize it at the beginning,
but after a couple weeks, i realize that the screws are losing, so i tried to use a screwdriver to
make it more tight, at that time, i realize the screws are easy to lose...
so what should i do and what can i do .
its already been like half year already,
i now use some tape to tape on the screws incase, another one lost.
please help me,
i have no idea what i should do now and
where i can get the screws

MAC BOOK AIR, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Tool Used For Screws In Bottom Of Mac Screen

Posted on Aug 2, 2009 9:21 AM

Tool Used For Screws In Bottom Of Mac screen

Tool Used For Screws In Bottom Of Mac Air

  1. Feb 02, 2015 A guide to the screwdrivers you need when opening up a Mac. Best screwdrivers for MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac mini and iMac. We explain which screwdrivers you need to open up the case of a Mac.
  2. The worst case scenario may require drilling the screw out. Try placing a wide rubber band on the screw and use a slightly bigger screwdriver. Instead of a rubber band, you could also try with a piece of cloth (anything that can provide more grip and change its shape a bit). For other methods, see The 12 Best Ways to Remove Stripped Screws.
  3. MacBook Pro Unibody Lower Case Screw and Foot Kit. Replace a missing or scuffed plastic foot or a missing screw securing the lower case of most Unibody model MacBook Pro laptops.