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Last Update: 10/27/2010

Selecting a New Style:

Style Yamaha Psrs700

1) Press the [Function] button.

2) Press the [F] 'DIGITAL RECORD MENU' button.

Style keyboard yamaha psr s700 disco dangdut style caca style dangdut 2 bosas caca-dut dangdut koplo beat-variasi duhuts dombrets dangdut asli dangdut mantap gon pn mu 22. PSRS700, PSRS900, PSRS710, PSRS910 - Creating a User Style From Scratch - Yamaha - United States PSRS700, PSRS900, PSRS710, PSRS910 - Creating a User Style From Scratch Back to the List.

3) Press the [B] 'STYLE CREATOR' button.

4) Press the [C] 'NEW STYLE' button.

5) Press the [B] button and use the toggle buttons beneath the screen to select a 'TEMPO' and a 'BEAT' (meter) for the Style.

EXAMPLE: TEMPO '120' and BEAT '4/4'.

6) Press the [A] button and use the toggle buttons beneath the screen to select an Auto Accompaniment 'SECTION' and 'PATTERN LENGTH' (amount of measures) for the Style.


Copying Parts:

If desired, copy Parts from any existing Styles into the 8 different Channels (Tracks) of the new Style. (If all Parts are to be recorded from scratch, this step may be skipped.)

1) Press the [NEXT] button to display the 'ASSEMBLY' page in the screen.

2) The [A] - [D] and [F] - [I] buttons correspond to the 8 Parts that make up the Style (RHYTHM1, RHYTHM2, BASS, CHORD1, CHORD2, PAD, PHRASE1, and PHRASE2). To select a Part in an existing Style, press one of the [A] - [D] or [F] - [I] buttons twice; the chosen Part may then be selected from any of the existing Styles, using the [A] - [J] buttons.

EXAMPLE: The RHYTHM2 Part from the Style, '60'sGtrPop' may be used for the RHYTHM2 Part in the New Style.

3) Press the [EXIT] button to return to the 'ASSEMBLY' page.

4) Repeat steps 2 - 3 for the remaining 7 Parts of the Style, if desired.

5) Press the [BACK] button to return to the 'BASIC' page.

Recording an original Part onto a Channel from scratch:

1) Press the [F] 'REC CH' button to display the 8 Record Channels in the screen.

2) Select a Channel for recording by simultaneously holding the [F] 'REC CH' button, while pressing one of the 8 [v] toggle buttons below the screen.

EXAMPLE: The 'RHY2' Channel will display 'REC' in the screen, when selected.

3) Select a Voice or Drum Kit for the Channel by first pressing the [^] toggle button below it, and then using the [A] - [J] and toggle buttons to make a selection.

4) Press the [EXIT] button to return to the 'BASIC' screen.

5) Press the black [START/STOP] button in the 'STYLE' section of the front panel. Recording begins and the Metronome click is heard.

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6) Play the desired Part on the keyboard.

7) If a mistake is made while recording a Rhythm Part, hold the [E] 'RHY CLEAR' button and touch the note corresponding to the Drum Voice which was played incorrectly; the entire phrase recorded with that Drum Voice will be cleared.

Used yamaha psr 950

8) When finished, press the black [START/STOP] button again.

9) Repeat steps 2 - 8 to record other Channels.

10) When finished recording all Channels, press the [EXIT] button once to return to the original 'BASIC' screen view.

Saving the User Style:

1) Press the [I] 'SAVE' button to select a destination for storing the User Style.

2) Use the [BACK] and [NEXT] buttons to display the 'USER' or USB' page.

3) Press the '6' [v] toggle button to name the User Style.

4) Use the toggle buttons to select the characters for the User Style name.

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Yamaha Keyboard Psr S700

5) When finished, press the '8' [^] 'OK' toggle button. The User Style is now saved.

Style Yamaha Psr S700 Gratis

6) Press the [EXIT] button twice to return to the 'MAIN' screen.