Step 7 Microwin Manual


Then, using Microwin 3.11 Chinese software, the programming software interface and help files are finished. Proceed as follows: (1) In the CD-ROM directory, find the 'mwinservicepackfrom V3.1 to 3.11' software package and follow the installation wizard to convert the original English version of the programming software to the 3.11 version. This is a listing of tutorials and manuals found on the Siemens automation website that will get you started on the SIMATIC Step 7 software for S7-300 and S7-400 systems. From a new users perspective I’ve only heard disparaging comments about finding the right information on the Siemens’ website. I have to agree. STEP 7-Micro/WIN 32 CD/disk: provides online help, the STEP 7-Micro/WIN Getting Started (a printable online manual). Process Field Bus (PROFIBUS) standard (EN 50170): describes the standard.

  • Siemens Edition or Ultimate Edition
  • S7-200 SMART PLC
  • STEP 7-Micro/WIN SMART

This sample provides you with a STEP 7-Micro/WIN SMART project ready to download to the PLC and control the Sorting by Height (Basic) scene.

  1. Download the zip archive (top of this page), extract it and open the project in STEP 7-Micro/WIN SMART.

  2. Edit the project to match your controller's hardware. Start by Double Left-clicking on System Block to open the configuration dialog.

  3. Select your CPU version from the list. You should also adjust the Ethernet Port configuration if needed.

  4. Click on the PLC tab and select Download > All. Next, click Download to transfer the blocks to the CPU.

  5. Start Factory I/O, press Ctrl + O, select Scenes on the left panel and open the Sorting by Height (Basic) scene.

  6. Press F4 to open the Driver Window. Select Siemens S7-200/300/400 on the driver drop-down list.

  7. Click on CONFIGURATION, make sure S7-200 is selected on the Model drop-down list and insert the PLC's IP address into the Host field.

  8. Press Esc to return to the Driver Window. Now, click on CONNECT to connect to the PLC.

  9. Switch to Run mode and enjoy.

. STEP 7 Basic Information. STEP 7 Reference Information After you have installed STEP 7, you will find the electronic manuals in the Start menu under Simatic Documentation or alternatively, you can order them from any Siemens sales center. All of the information in the manuals can be called up in STEP 7 from the online help.

In the attached manual following example/sample tasks are covered. These are the very basic training for S7 200 Programming/ Micro PLC.
Step 7 microwin manual instructions

Step 7 Microwin Manual 2

Program-1: Delayed Output using On-delay timer

Program-2: Interlocking Outputs Part1

Program-3: Interlocking Outputs Part2

Program-4: Subtract two analog input and display at analog output

Program-5: Traffic light system.

Program-6: Water tank level control and level-alarm generation.


Program-7: Time based fan control.


Program-8: Temperature C-F conversion.

Program-9: Shift Instruction

Program-10: Rounding and Swapping

Program-11: Single push button Start and Stop

Siemens Step 7 Microwin

You can download complete Tasks: s7 200 example programs