Skyrim Bulk Crafting Mod

Maxed out mod list suitable for cinematic recordings and showcases, but with most performance impact. Using all available 4K textures.

  1. Free Crafting Mod Skyrim

System requirements:

  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • 16GB RAM DDR3
Skyrim Bulk Crafting Mod

*or equivalent


With the use of the Reverse Crafting mod, items can be recycled as you re-purpose materials you get from them. Related: 10 Open World RPGs Better Than Skyrim. Reverse Crafting improves the gameplay of the game since you find materials faster and you can craft better and bigger items in a fraction of the time you would spend without the mod. 7-Zip – is a tool used to extract file archives (it is not specific to Skyrim modding and there are other options); you will mostly use this during the installation/setup for other tools. LOOT – Load Order Optimization Tool is a tool used to, well, optimize your load order. There are two quick looting mods available for Skyrim, but one is now defunct, which means Quick Loot RE is the one to get. Essentially, this mod adds in a Fallout 4-style looting system by which the player can simply hover over an object or a body, and loot the contents quickly, rather than go through a tedious menu. I've been trying to find a mod that will allow me to do mass enchanting but haven't been able to find one. It gets a bit annoying having to enchant each of the 100 iron daggers i made just so i can lvl up a bit. If anyone could point me to a mod that would help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight!Like us on Facebook!

Shortened and more gameplay-optimized version of full mod list, using only 40 mods instead of 160+.

System requirements:

  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050
  • CPU: Intel i3
  • 8GB RAM DDR3

*or equivalent

Various optional add-on mod list collections compatible with all Skyrim SE core mod lists. Please install after a successful core mod list installation.

*some 4K mods are not recommended for “Low-End” systems

SkyrimCraft V0.0.0.2 1.15.2

Uploaded byGamingTechnologies1
Game Version1.15.2
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


Updated to 1.15.2


Steel Armor

Leather Strips

Steel Weapons


Cows drop Cow Hide instead of leather

put 1 Cow Hide in a crafting table to get 1 leather, plans to create a tanner in the future

added gems and flawless gems

Started adding foods so far we have Apple Pie, Chicken Breast, and clam meat.

More to add in future Alpha updates, THIS IS CREATIVE ONLY AS OF RIGHT NOW

Free Crafting Mod Skyrim

NOTE: Some textures have Skyrim textures, others don't such as armor layers and weapons, glitches happen with those and may get better textures in the later future!!!