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Oct 17, 2017 Please allow Skype for Business for Mac users to adjust the amount of time it takes for the status to appear as 'away' when the computer is idle, or to turn that feature off completely. Sometimes, my job entails reviewing hard copy documents. I may not be using my computer, but I am still working (and available).

  • Note: Skype for Business on Mac gets represented by the underlying ADAL library as user agent Mozilla/5.0 (no option to set it from the app), and Windows Integrated Authentication is generally used only for Windows clients and therefore not supported by ADAL library on Mac.
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  • Select Settings. Choose from the following settings to make your changes: Note: You can access your Skype settings from any platform or device, but not all settings are available to change on every platform. Account & Profile. Control your profile picture visibility. View and manage your account information.


  • Before continuing, make sure that you remember your login and password from Skype, because after resetting the settings you will have to enter them again.
  • Since all correspondence is moved in another folder, only messages for the last 30 days will be stored in Skype. To return the old correspondence, you must copy the %appdata%Skype-digitsusernamemain.db file to the %appdata%Skypeusername folder.
  • And most importantly, if you are not sure about something, you’d better ask in the comments, and I'll help you with advice on how to do it correctly.

Like most programs for Windows, Skype stores basic settings on the local computer. Most of them are stored in the profile folder, and some – in the system registry. To restore the default settings, you must delete all of this data. This can be done in many ways:


For your convenience, I have created an application that resets the settings in automatic mode. So, to return the standard settings in two clicks, you should:
  1. Download and run the application Reset_Settings_For_Skype.HTA
  2. Select the checkboxes for the following options:
    • AppData folder
    • Windows registry
  3. Click the “Run” button
  4. Launch Skype


If you want to reset the settings manually, you should:
  1. Start command line as administrator
  2. Run the following commands in turn:
    • taskkill /IM skype.exe /F
    • rename '%AppData%Skype' 'Skype-%RANDOM%%RANDOM%'
    • reg delete 'HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSkype' /f
    • reg delete 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSkype' /f
    • reg delete 'HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesSkype' /f
    • reg delete 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesSkype' /f
  3. Launch Skype

Settings On Skype For Mac Os

Skype Settings App

What happens when you reset your settings?

The following items are deleted: Skype for mac air
  • Authorization data.
  • Chatting history.
  • General settings.
  • Sound settings and notification sounds.
  • Video settings.
  • Translator settings.
  • Notification settings.
  • Call settings.
  • Chat settings.
  • Settings of connection of Skype with the Internet.
  • Hotkeys and shortcuts.
  • Visual design (location and size of windows, interface language, accessibility mode, displaying the list of contacts and emoticons).
In fact, all the specified elements (except the first item) are not deleted, but are moved in another folder. But since this data is no longer in the “right” folder, at startup, Skype does not find them and uses the default settings.

What elements are not deleted when resetting?

The following items are not deleted, since they are stored on the server: SettingsSettings On Skype For MacSkype on mac problems
  • Contacts and group chats.
  • Correspondence for the last 30 days.
  • Personal data (such as login, password, name, avatar, email, phone number, date of birth, city).
  • Some privacy and security settings.
  • Blocked contacts.

What to do if resetting the settings did not help?

As I already said, resetting Skype's settings does not solve all the problems and errors. In addition, problems with Skype can occur due to other programs or OS settings. Therefore, in order to find the reason, I ask to tell in the comments what the problem is (only note that the more details you will write, the easier and faster I’ll be able to help you).
This method of resetting settings was tested on Windows XP and Windows 7, and should work on other operating systems of the Windows family (Vista, 8 and 10). If you’ve found any errors or have questions, write in the comments. Also I will be grateful for the feedback specifying the operating system, the chosen method and the reason of your decision to reset the settings of Skype.