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Are you are a gamer, digital sketch artist, or a technical tutor, or any other but not able to record your talent and share it with the world? If you don’t have much money to purchase paid screen recorders so, don’t worry. Have look at these free screen recorders for Windows 10. They are totally free and safe to use.

Best & Free Screen Recording Software For Windows 10

There are 5 different recording software that is listed for you, each software is known for its unique feature and performance.


  • This video capture software is so easy and intuitive, that you don’t spend any time learning how to use it. Our screen recorder for Windows 10 with audio allows you to make records with a sound, edit videos, save results and share them. Download our screen video recorder and start using the catcher today. Download for Free.
  • For Windows 10/8/7 32- and 64-bit Record Your Screen Free Cam provides a full set of features for creating professional video lessons and e-Learning presentations.

While recording a song or an audio track you will need the best features and tools to make it sound even and pleasant without any noise. Artists will be able to do that with the help of a studio recording software free. download full version.

It is a less space-consuming software but it provides high-quality videos, it also provides an option of recording any part of your screen whichever you want. Bandicam records and saves capture as video files (AVI, MP4) or image files. It also records 2D, 3D games with 4K UHD videos and can capture at high FPS. It can also video from external devices such as webcam, Xbox, smartphones, etc.


  • Draw on your video or screenshot while recording
  • You can add a webcam to record your own reactions
  • You can add your own voice between the recordings
  • Easy to use


Recording Software For Windows 10 Free Download
  • Gives a watermark until you buy the paid version
  • No option of editing

OBS Studio

Open broadcaster software is a free screen recording software that allows you both recording and streaming a particular video. Like Bandicam, OBS Studio also allows you to record any part of your screen or the whole screen. Streamlines settings give you access to a wide array of configuration options. It also gives you a Modular dock UI to rearrange the layout as per your need. You can set an unlimited number of scenes while editing.


  • Stream live
  • No Watermark
  • Advanced config options
  • Unlimited recording

Recording Software For Windows 10 Free Download 64 Bit


  • Tough for non-techs
  • Outdated Interface

Share X

Share X is a free application for capturing still shots and recording videos. You can save the captured data as a video or in a Gif file. You can directly share the captured videos or shots, to any social media sites via the upload option. With Share X you can capture the whole scrolling web page and identify the text via OCR.


  • Direct uploading of photos or videos
  • No watermark
  • A built-in photo editor


  • Can’t capture while playing a game in full-screen mode
  • Little difficult to use the interface

APowersoft Recorder

If you don’t want to install anything then here is the best option. You can use an online screen recorder. During the recordings, you can use tools like a brush or marker. Once you are done with your screen capturing part then at the corner you will find the options to save your video. You can export the video for future editing or sharing.


  • You can add shape, color, icons in between the recordings if you want.
  • Saves storage
  • No watermark
  • Quick and Easy to use


  • Can’t use without an internet connection
  • Very few options.

Windows Built-In Recording – Game Bar

It is for those who may not know that windows have its own built-in screen capturing system, now you may say why can’t I use it? So, for that, you have to first activate it by going into the settings of your Windows 10 settings. Press Windows + Alt + R to activate the recording. A small interface will be displayed on the screen, press the red button to start recording. Search for Xbox Game Bar in the start menu. You can click on the Settings icon to customize the tool.

How it works

Recording software for gaming
  • Press Windows +G a shortcut key to open the game bar.
  • Use the start/stop button to start your recording. It is the same for the Microphone to turn on/off the mic.
  • After recording, you can trim your video and all the recorded videos you will find in your device video folder.


  • Fully protected since it is built-in
  • Very easy to use
  • There is no time limit


  • Very fewer Features
  • You can’t pause your video
  • Limited editing features

Screen capturing software helps to record your gaming skills, webinars which can be watched later as a revision, online lectures, some important news, or event. All these requirements can be satisfied by the above given free software which is best for your Windows 10 but. But if you need more features then you can go with the paid software like Bandicam Pro, ApowerSoft, etc.

While recording a song or an audio track you will need the best features and tools to make it sound even and pleasant without any noise. Artists will be able to do that with the help of a studio recording software free. download full version. There are many types of music recording software that are available online and it is very easy to use. Some of the studio recording software, free downloads can be used for free.

Recording software for windows 10 free download torrent

Recording Studio Download Windows 10


n Track Studio 8

This premium software can be used as a recording studio on your PC to create beats, arpeggios, and sequences with the step sequencer. Songs can be started easily using the factory patterns and custom made ones can be created. Streamlined recording can be done with the multi-take recording mode that uses control parameter automation to separate the lanes for each track or internal recording routing can be done.

Samplitude Music Studio

This premium version can be used to produce music easily by using plug-ins, effects, and filters that can be seamlessly integrated. Sounds can be created with the synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. The notations can be displayed, edited and printed for musical compositions and it can be used for rehearsals. Multitrack Recording is possible and can be operated using an audio remote app.


Anvil Studio

This freeware is compatible with the Windows platform and can be used for recording music with audio and MIDI equipment. It can be composed and sequence music can be created with MIDI equipment. The recorded songs can be played and music sheets can be printed. An unlimited number of MIDI tracks can be created and each song can have up to 8 audio tracks of unlimited length.

Recording Studio for Windows

This Windows app can be used for free as a multi-touch sequencer for the Window devices. It will be able to record, edit and mix the songs quickly and it can be used to create good music productions. Up to 3 tracks can be recorded after choosing the available Audio Recordings and instruments like piano, drums, guitar, etc. The virtual tracks can be recorded using the multitouch keyboard.

Recording Studio Lite for Android

This Android app can be used for free to record, edit and mix songs. Up to 2 tracks can be recorded using the audio recordings or virtual instruments like piano, drums, organ, bass, etc. The tracks can be recorded using the inbuilt microphone or by using an external one. After recording, the track can be edited in the editor and exported.

Logic Pro X for Mac

This premium software is compatible on the Mac platform and can be used at a professional level for creating music. The synthesizer which can manipulate sample will provide the best results and it has a huge library, keyword browser, performance controls and advanced synthesis tool.

Most Popular Studio Recording Software – MultitrackStudio

This premium software can be used to record tracks across different platforms. Audio and MIDI track recording can be done and one track can be added at a time. Multi-tracks can be recorded live simultaneously.

How to install Studio Recording Software?

Most of the studio recording software that is available online can be used first as a demo version to see all the features are suitable and if the software is compatible with the operating system. It is important to check if all the system requirements and hardware requirements are fulfilled as it might require devices like a microphone. After the demo version is run, the premium software or the freeware can be used by downloading the file and installing the software.

This software will be able to provide tools like spot erase, note repeat, drum machines, etc. which can be used to make the audio more appealing. Some of the software will have an in-built collection of sounds and plug-ins which can be used while recording. The powerful tools will help editors with every part of the workflow making it easier.

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