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I enjoyed Lettres de Stalingrad movie (Briefe aus Stalingrad).

Movie Issued - in 1969.

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Certificates: West Germany:16
Color Info: Black and White
Countries: France
Languages: French
Sound Mix: Mono
Tech Info: OFM:35 mm, PFM:35 mm

In movie have been taken:

Alberto Cavalcanti(actor)
Death Notes: Paris, France
Born in Brazil, 1897. Alberto Cavalcanti's imprudent craft inaugurate in France linking 1920 and 1933, exploitable via technique of magazine columnist, art chief and director. He directed the avant-garde documentary _Rien que les heures (1926)_ (qv) ('Nothing but Time'), a image of the live of Parisian employees in a free daytime. Moved to England in 1933 to affiliate the GPO Film Unit lower than John Grierson working as blare stratagem (_Night Mail (1936)_ (qv)) later initiator. Moved to Ealing during the period of war, first of all as herald of Michael Balcon's concise motion photograph element until 1946, again working as an art editor, producer and director. Notable films as a director contain _Champagne Charlie (1944)_ (qv); _Nicholas Nickleby (1947)_ (qv); and _They Made Me a Fugitive (1947)_ (qv), henceforth film he moved backbone to Brazil. In Brazil, he made _O Canto act upon Mar (1952)_ (qv) ('The Song of the Sea') and _Mulher de Verdade (1954)_ (qv) ('Woman of Truth') near his singular fertility mutual project. However his left-wing view draw idea from the Brazilian authorities and he return to Europe in 1954. Cavalcanti complete instance settled in France, where on earth he constant his slog in box. Died 1982.
Birth Notes: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Books: Wolfgang Klaue. _Alberto Cavalcanti._ Berlin: Staatlichen Filmarchiv der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik und dem Club der Filmschaffenden der DDR, 1962., Lorenzo Pellizzani, Claudio M. Valentinetti. _Alberto Cavalcanti._ Locarno: Editions du Festival international du film de Locarno, 1988. ISBN 2-88160-010-5
Birth Name: De Almeida-Cavalcanti, Alberto
(2002) Retrospective at the São Paulo International Film Festival., Biography in: John Wakeman, editor. 'World Film Directors, Volume One, 1890-1945'. Pages 107-112. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1987., Best remembered as the director of the terrifying and now much copied ventriloquist's dummy sequence in the 1945 Ealing Studio film 'Dead of Night'.
Death Date: 23 August 1982
Birth Date: 6 February 1897

James Cellier(actor)

Paul Crauchet(actor)
Birth Notes: Béziers, Hérault, France
Birth Date: 14 July 1920

Gilles Katz(actor)

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Frederic Muninger(actor)

Gilles Ségal(actor)
Other Works: (2007) His play, 'The Puppetmaster of Lodz,' was performed at the Writers Theatre in Chicago, Illinois with Larry Neumann Jr. in the cast. Michael Montenegro was puppet designer.
Birth Date: 13 January 1932

Pierre Tabard(actor)
Death Notes: Paris, France (cancer)
Birth Notes: Cairo, Egypt
Death Date: 19 September 2003
Birth Date: 19 September 1927

Patricia Saint-Georges(actress)

Gilles Katz(writer)

Gérard Brisseau(cinematographer)

Gilles Katz(director)

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