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Nuance PDF Converter 2.0 for Mac


Nov 29, 2017 I have been using Nuance's PDF Converter for Mac for a few years w/o trouble once I mastered it. However, since upgrading to OS 10.13 their PDF Converter opens up just fine but will not OCR a new document! The following warning has shown up whenever I give it permission to OCR a new document: Nuance PDF Converter's OCR process is quarantined. CherryPlayer 3.0.2 Free versatile media player and manager that also supports streaming multimedia and live broadcasts. Adobe Nuance Pdf Converter For Mac Creative Cloud. Nuance PDF Converter (Mac) 1. At the end of software installation, you see this window. Make sure Nuance PDF Converter for Mac is selected and click Install. Note: You can also select Epson Software Updater from the Epson Software folder in Applications to access this window.

  • Overview
  • Key Benefits

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac allows users to effortlessly create, view, edit and scan 100% industry-standard PDF Files. The product uses Nuance OmniPage document conversion and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to turn PDF files. The product also connects to separate cloud-based services, including document conversion for conversion to fully-formatted word processing and spreadsheet document, EverNote®, a note storage and access service.

The better choice for anyone working with PDF, features industry-standard PDF viewing, editing and creation. It also features veryaccurate PDF conversion to editable Microsoft® Office® formats so you can unlock information in PDF documents. Additional features include scanning paper documents to PDF, drag-and-drop document assembly, and working with forms. Outstanding editing capabilities include search and replace text, text redaction (black-out text), graphics management, and more. Combining unparalleled functionality, OmniPage OCR technology and ease of use, PDF Converter for Macenables users to edit and securely share PDF files like never before to help save time and money everyday.

Provides Everything Today’s Mac Users Need to Work Smarter and Faster

  • Scan directly to Searchable PDF documents.
  • Covert to Microsoft Office formats that are compatible with Apple iWork.
  • Effortlessly create 100% industry-standard PDF files.
  • Send to Evernote® and email.
  • Add, delete, reorder and rotate pages.
  • Edit, delete and add text.
  • Move, resize, copy and delete images.
  • Search and black-out (redact) or replace text.
  • Enjoy significant savings over Adobe® Acrobat®.
  • Better PDF for Mac: Key capabilities and benefits of Nuance PDF Converter for Mac
  • Save Money – At 1/3rd the cost, Nuance PDF Converter for Mac delivers the rich PDF features users need and unique productivity features – at a fraction the cost of most commonly used PDF brand.
  • Annotate and Edit PDF – Now everyone can add sticky-notes and highlights to PDF files, making it easy to collaborate using the PDF standard.
  • Turn PDF into Editable Text and Documents – Only Nuance has OmniPage, the world’s most accurate OCR and document conversion technology-which is built into Nuance PDF Converter for Mac.
  • Scan to Searchable PDF - Moving people into the Apple Mac is easy with built-in scanning and ability to use OmniPage OCR to create searchable PDF files that can be stored, managed and found using keywords and phrases.
  • PDF to Fully Formatted and Editable Files – Nuance PDF converter for Mac provides user with 1-click access to separate document conversion service to turn PDF into fully formatted wordprocessing and spreadsheet files, which can be used with the Apple iwork and Microsoft office applications.
  • PDF Document Assembly - drag and drop document assembly feature to combine Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with PDF documents-adding the entire document or specific pages.
  • Edit directly within PDF files - PDF files are no longer hard to change. Simply edit, delete and add text as needed. You can also insert, move, copy, resize and delete images.
  • Accurately convert PDF files - Convert PDF files into fully-formatted Microsoft Word, Excel® and Corel® WordPerfect® documents — complete with text, col­umns, tables and graphics intact.
  • Scan directly to Searchable PDF - Scanning to PDF isn’t useful if you can’t get access to information. Create PDF documents complete with text that can be copied and searched.
  • Create, fill and save PDF forms - PDF forms are everywhere but many of them can only be printed. You can now create, use, fill and save PDF forms.
  • Collaborate like never before - Exchange ideas and provide directions by adding notes, proofing marks, graphics and more to PDF documents.
  • Protect your information – Redact (Black out) or erase text from documents to protect sensitive information. Text and images can be edited or deleted to keep safe from prying eyes to maintain confidentiality.
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Nuance Pdf Converter For Mac 2 0 Software

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Nuance PDF Converter for Mac allows you to convert, edit and share PDF files so you can work faster and easier. It’s better PDF for Mac.

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