Mac Grey Laundry Card Hack

Mcgray laundry service

Most of the locations with Coinamatic card activated equipment have a reloader on site. If your building has a code based reloader, you can easily purchase value online using a credit card. You will be issued a code. You can redeem the code and transfer value to your laundry card at the reload kiosk. Please review the card types below and follow the proper link for your laundry card type.

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Select Your Card Type

Coinamatic Laundry Card w/ Gold Chip

If your laundry card has a Coinamatic logo with a gold chip, please visit:

Please note: PinMate Value Code Reload is not available in all locations. Please verify to ensure your civic address is on the list prior to registering.

Coinamatic or Phelps Contactless Card with no Gold Chip

CardMac Grey Laundry Card Hack

If your laundry card has Coinamatic or Phelps printed on it, but no gold chip, please visit:

Please note: Users that were previously registered on the old site will need to re-register and use all 7 digits of their laundry card. Users may have to clear their cache to see the updated website.

Please note:

User may need to use all 7 digits of their laundry card and enter the CVV Code separately if asked.

Some of the older cards do not have a CVV Code. The CVV Code is the 3 digits number in smaller print just right of the 7 digit card number.

Mcgray laundry service

Mac Gray Csc

Mac grey laundry card hack free

If your current laundry card is blank with a gold chip and no printing on front, and a card number starting with HMP on the back, please visit this site.

Reload Mac Gray Laundry Card

If the laundry card you are currently using does not appear to be on this list, please contact our Multilingual Call Centre at 1-800-561-1972 during business hours and someone will be able to assist you.