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Can you download kik for pc?

Yes, you can. We have written this guide to help you download Kik for windows & mac pc.

Kik messenger originally launched in 2010 designed by Kik Interactive (a Canadian company). It’s available to download on iOS and non-iOS devices.

Using Bluestacks to Get Kik to Run on a Windows PC or Mac. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that lets you run Android apps on your Windows PC or your Mac. With Bluestacks, you just need to download the Android version of Kik and it will run on your computer. Head over to the Bluestacks website and download and install the tool on your. Like our Facebook Page: we will see how to install Kik on pc without bluestacks. Download Link:

The app allows its users to chat with one another without disclosing their contact numbers. Meaning, you just need a username and email id to sign up on Kik messenger. Due to the utmost privacy and convenience, Kik messenger had 7.2 million active users per month in 2019. Let’s discuss other features of this app below.

Features of Kik Messenger Online

Kik For Mac Bluestacks

Not so different

Just like any other messaging app, Kik offers live typing feature, which allows a user to see whether a person is replying to his/her messages or not. Apart from this, the app shows when the message is sent and received by another user.

New updates

Kik comes out with new updates every few months. ‘Meet new people’ is one of them. This feature allows you to join public groups based on your interests. And yes, it’s totally safe.


Users has a unique QR code through which they can find and invite others to the app. This code can be accessed through the app settings. If you want to add a user, click on ‘Search icon’-> click ‘Scan people’-> click ‘Scan a Kik code’. Make sure to give Kik access to your camera to scan the code.

Group chats

Kik For Mac Bluestacks

They are very popular these days. To jump in the game, Kik allows up to 49 people to be a part of the group chat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a public or private group. If you are a fan of video calls, Kik allows up to 6 people to enjoy a private chat. You can easily leave the chat if need be.


Bot shop


To target the teen population, Kik has its own bot shop. If you don’t have anyone to chat with, you can freely interact with bots, find fashion tips, take quizzes, etc. Bots will also assist you to meet new people.


Though Kik has its privacy policy, where doesn’t ask you to share your contact number or have access to your chats, the customer care team keeps track of your images/videos and preserves them for up to 90 days. This is done for only 1 reason- if cops need access to someone’s data for breaking the law.

Methods to Download Kik for PC

Of course. Initially, Kik was designed to work on smartphones, but you can install Kik Messenger for Windows pc as well. It will offer the same features as on the app. You need the help of the Android Emulator to install Kik on PC. It’s a software, which creates a virtual setup to emulate an Android device on the PC.

Download Kik for Windows (Using Bluestacks)

One of the best Android Emulator in the market is Bluestacks. It is a free version that has a reliable interface. Let’s understand the process in detail to download.

Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, it’s time to install the emulator via the following steps-

  1. Checkout the folder that has the Bluestacks file.
  2. To proceed, double-tap on the download file.
  3. When the installation wizard pops up, follow the instructions.

Once the Android Emulator is installed on your PC, It’s time to launch it. Here are the steps-

  1. Click on the Bluestacks icon on your desktop.
  2. If you are unable to locate the icon, go to the search box and type ‘Bluestacks’.
  3. Open the app to launch the software.

Now, you need to download Kik apk file to get Kik for PC. Once that is done, let’s proceed to launch and login Kik.

  1. In the file manager folder, find the Kik .APK file.
  2. Double-tap on the file and wait for some time.
  3. Bluestacks will launch and automatically run the Kik messenger.

It’s quite possible that the double-tap feature may not work. In such a scenario, please follow the below steps-

  1. Right-click on the Kik APK file and click ‘Open with’.
  2. A new window will open and you can select ‘Bluestacks’ from the listed options.
  3. Tap ‘Ok’ to install Kik on the PC.
  4. Now, you can open and sign-up on the app.

If you are getting stuck somewhere in the process. Check out this video tutorial to install kik for windows:

Bluestacks Kik Messenger

2nd Method to Use Kik for PC (Using Manymo Online)

There is another option to install Kik messenger for PC, which doesn’t require you to install an Android Emulator. If for some reason you are interested in this process, please follow the below steps –

  1. You can use an online emulator- Manymo. Create an account to log in.
  2. In the top navigation, click on the ‘Launch Emulator’ button.
  3. You will be greeted with a message- launch emulator with URL or app. Choose ‘Launch with an app’.
  4. Go to the folder, which houses the Kik APK file.
  5. It will take a few seconds to open the app on your browser.
  6. Login kik online and chat with your friends.

Kik is a reliable and privacy-conscious messenger, which allows its users to carry out their virtual social interactions without giving any trouble. If you wish to install kik for Windows PC, just follow the above-listed options. They are completely safe and will allow you to get the same experience as on the smartphone. Do give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

How to use BlueStacks to download Kik Messenger for PC. There are plenty of apps like this available, Kik Messenger is a free Android app. Therefore it might be difficult to download and install it on your Windows, Mac, PC directly. Install Kik For PC, Laptop on Windows / Mac Using Apk File Method: In this method you have need to do is first you have to download Kik Apk File.For this method also you need to have bluestacks app android emulator installed in your pc. Download the official Kik messenger apk file from the below link.

If you are looking for how to use Kik for Mac, you have come to the right place. Even though Kik Messenger is available for iOS and Android, it is not available for Mac yet. But don’t worry, using Kik on a Macbook is very simple, thanks to what we call emulators.

These are third-party applications that basically simulate an Android device on your computer, making it easier to download and use Android applications.


  • 2 How to use Kik on Mac

What is Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger, usually known as just Kik, is one beast of a messenger app. It is available for both iOS and Android. Kik is used primarily by the youth, although it does have users from all age groups and countries. For an online chat application, it is highly appreciated for its innovation and exciting features, like anonymous chat, group chat, even chatting with different brands.

With a messenger app this good, one would definitely want to use it on their Mac for convenience. After all, sometimes its better to talk and chat with your friends and simultaneously work on your Mac.

How to use Kik on Mac

Bluestacks 1 Download

Encode app. There are a lot of Android emulators out there that we can use to use Kik on Mac. We will be going through two of these emulators that you can use. So let’s get started!

1. Install Kik Messenger on Macbook using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a third party application that is basically used to emulate android applications on Mac or Windows. It can emulate any android application, it is fast and efficient, and it is widely used by users for playing android games on their Mac. Here we will be using Bluestacks to use Kik Messenger for Mac.

Here are the steps:

  • The first step will be installing Bluestacks on our Mac. Download Bluestacks from here: (Copy the link and paste in your browser)
  • Once you download that, run it and install the application by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Once you install the Bluestacks application, run and open Bluestacks. Set up the Android device.
  • Sign in to your Google Account when prompted by Bluestacks. Sign in or create a Google Account if you don’t have one.
  • Now all you need to do is open Play Store and search for the Kik Messenger App.
  • Once you finish downloading, you will be able to find it in your list of applications in the Android emulator.

In this way, you can run Kik Messenger on Mac using Bluestacks, and have fun chatting with all your friends! Enjoy 🙂

2. Download Kik for Mac using Nox Emulator

Another great Android emulator that can be used to run Kik Messenger on Mac is Nox.

Nox’s simple functionality makes it just as good as Bluestacks to use as an emulator. With a smooth emulator experience, messaging your friends, and the whole chatting experience of the app along with all its best features will be clean and easy with Nox.

Kik For Mac Bluestacks 7

Kik Messenger Download For Mac

It is regarded as one of the smoothest emulators out there, so you might want to get your hands on it. Let’s take a look at how to use it and then use Kik Messenger for Mac:

Download Kik Messenger For Mac

Kik For Mac Bluestacks

  • First off, get Nox from over here
  • Once it is downloaded, as before, run it, agree to the terms and conditions and continue.
  • Drag the Nox icon in the Applications folder. On-screen prompts will be present to help you install the application.
  • Click Open, and Nox will start up.
  • On opening, if you receive a message saying ‘Your VirtualBox version may not support Nox App Player’, follow the steps below.
  • Exit Nox. Now go to
  • Click on Download
  • Now, click on OS X hosts
  • Once you finish downloading the file, click to open it.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to install VirtualBox on Mac
  • Once you install VirtualBox properly, open Nox again. This time, it will not display the error message.
  • Now once the Nox Emulator launches, click on Play Store, search for the Kik Messenger app and install it, just like we did for Bluestacks.

Kik For Mac Bluestacks 2019

That’s it! Once your emulator has the Kik Messenger application installed completely, you can easily start using it to text with people as you want and have the Kik experience on Mac using Nox Emulator.

In this way, you can other such emulators, such as Andy Player, Andyroid and Manymo to run android on your device and use Kik Messenger on Macbook.

Final Verdict

We hope that by reading this article you were able to download Kik for Mac and use it to chat with your friends, send them pictures, chat anonymously, or maybe join a public chat or a group. Till the time Kik Messenger does get released for Mac, we recommend only using emulators to run it on Mac, as other third party applications that claim to run it for you on Mac are not trustworthy and might cause issues.

Download Kik Messenger For Macbook Pro

If you have any queries regarding this article or the methods or emulators described above, you can drop us a comment below and we will try to get back to you with a relevant answer.

Download Kik App For Mac

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