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In 'Marrying Absurd,' Joan Didion describes her feelings toward Las Vegas thorugh her description of 'quickie' Las Vegas marriages. Even though she never says her feelings towards marriages directly, Didion conveys her feeling of contempt toward them through her descriptions and tone. She starts out by first describing the reason for the increase in Las Vegas marriages. Marrying Absurd Joan Didion Thesis By making an order beforehand, not only do you save money but also let your dissertation writer alter the paper as many times as you need within the 14-day free revision period. If you have a complicated task at hand, the best solution is to pick a 3+ day turnaround.

In the story “Marrying Absurd,” Joan Didion scrutinizes the Las Vegas wedding industry critically with the analysis of how ludicrous Las Vegas wedding industry has become. In her articulations, Didion portrays to the readers how cheap the wedding industry is making a mockery of the sanctification of the marriage. Didion applies various effective techniques and details to pass her impression of Las Vegas giving her opinions on its values within the marriage environment. The essay explains the Didion Joan account on the Marrying Absurd.
Didion Joan applies various ironic skills to initiate and sustain her satiric tone effectively including the details one thing to the Las Vegas wedding community and something unique to the readers (Bridges
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She also explains how one night about eleven o’clock in Las Vegas she watched a bride in an orange mini-dress and masses of flame-colored hair stumble from a Strip chapel on the arm of her bridegroom who looked the part of the expendable nephew in movies like Miami Syndicate such as the bride whimpered. All the day and evening long on the Strip, people see real wedding parties while waiting under harsh lights at a crosswalk standing uneasily in the parking lot of the Frontier as the photographers take photos of the event. The Church of the West certifies the event by taking the photos of the bride in a veil and white satin pumps. Most bridegrooms usually have a white dinner jacket, an attendant, flirtation veil and a carnation nosegay.
Didion being a professional journalist uses her skills to enlighten the readers on the account of aspects of the Las Vegas wedding. She articulates the extreme sarcasm in the specific wedding events displaying couples as people getting married for the wrong reasons such as improving their draft status.Didion laments how the newlyweds value their marriages while her tone disapproving to her sentiments and making fun of the issue. Didion expresses her concern about the lack of requirements for the marriage events in Las Vegas. She compares the event to a situation such as going to a fast food restaurant and instead of buying burger and fries; you leave with a new spouse. The
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The black robes, the black hats, the scrolls in hands, and the beating hearts; the electrified atmosphere and the tears of proud mothers; the flashes of cameras and the hooting and hollering, and the tossing of degrees into the air. These are the quintessential moments of a graduation, and these moments are etched forever in the memory. They are innocent, yet mature. Innocent in the form of hopes and dreams that are associated with the future, and mature in the achievements that have been garnered, and lessons learnt over the course of the academic life.

Joan Didion Marrying Absurd Essay

Regardless of the level of the ceremony in terms of academic years, be it a high school graduation or college graduation, the feelings and the vibe associated with the ceremony are universal. The pride of an academic life well spent, and the thrill of an unseen future, of meeting new people, of having new experiences, a new life, a new environment, unite all students of all levels all over the world. That is the reason graduation ceremonies are so special, and so important in one’s life. Joan Didion, in her essay “Marrying Absurd”, draws on the absurdity and the frivolousness of the practice of marrying in Las Vegas (Didion).

She makes use of anecdotes from her real experiences in Las Vegas concerning the manner of marriage there (Didion). The tone adopted throughout the essay is that of incredibility and ridicule, so that the whole essay reads as a comical and larger than life representation of marriage in that place (Didion). The writer does not write about marriage in general, rather focuses on the specific location of the ceremony of marriage in Las Vegas only (Didion), and by comparing it with the marriage practice elsewhere, she gives her verdict, which is present in the title of the essay, as that of absurdity (Didion).

Joan didion marrying absurd essay contest

Moreover, she does not strive to present any positive or favorable aspects of the practice, but merely submits the negatives and incredulous points (Didion); therefore, her writing can be said to be biased in nature, and leaning completely towards the negative side of the issue (Didion). The writer objects to the ‘expectations’ (Didion) of the couples who want to get married in Las Vegas, and calls into question the reasons for such an act (Didion). Therefore, the expectations and the vibe associated with the event is treated ironically and its worth questioned (Didion).

In my description of the event of graduation ceremony, I have addressed the expectations and the feelings and vibe associated with the event; however, these characteristics have been treated with respect and awe, and have been given a positive tone. It could be said that the description as a whole is biased towards the positivism of the event, and addresses only the nice aspects of the ceremony; in that respect, this description could be considered to be completely opposite to that of Didion’s in its treatment, tone, and style.

In fact, Didion does mention ‘niceness’ (Didion) in her essay, and states that Las Vegas tries to create an environment that portrays the ‘niceness’ (Didion) of the event of marriage, and is an easy way out for the rich immature people who do not know how to handle such events, or the youngsters who have not been taught the nitty-gritty of the occasion (Didion). Taken in context, Didion treats even this positive aspect ironically, and there is an obvious sarcasm between the lines (Didion).

Both the descriptions deal with

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