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File InfoDescription
File Size:25 MB
File Modification Date/Time:2019:10:02 12:35:31+00:00
File Type:Win32 EXE
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
Machine Type:Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp:2017:11:22 07:18:52+00:00
PE Type:PE32
Linker Version:14.10
Code Size:17562112
Initialized Data Size:15570944
Uninitialized Data Size:0
Entry Point:0xf7b40a
OS Version:5.1
Image Version:0.0
Subsystem Version:5.1
Subsystem:Windows GUI
File Version Number:10.0.12262.0
Product Version Number:
File Flags Mask:0x0000
File Flags:(none)
File OS:Unknown (0)
Object File Type:Unknown
File Subtype:0
Language Code:English (U.S.)
Character Set:Unicode
File Description:ICQ
File Version:10.0.12262
Internal Name:ICQ
Product Name:ICQ
Product Version:10.0.12262
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