Fortran Read Last Line From File

Is Fortran easier to optimize than C for heavy calculations?

As a result the next READ starts reading from beginning of the next available record in the file, even if the last READ didn't pick up all of the data in its record. An exception to this rule occurs when using the Fortran 90 ADVANCE='NO' optional argument (see noadv.f ) with READ or WRITE. How to read the last line of an input file (F77)? routines in the fortran source like WATCOM Fortran 77 does?? losing anything?) If both, in that case I might consider them. The second, doing binary stream I/O, is a no-brainer. why it is needed in your application.

Stream Input/Output in Fortran. When Fortan was invented in 1957 its I/O facilities were entirely record-based. This was fine if you were reading or writing a file where all records had the same length, or alternatively a text file, where each line up to the line terminator counted as a record whatever its length. You will get more than you want, but you can use string functions (spreadsheet string to array) to get the last 10 lines. A completely different strategy is to read the entire file at the start of the program, and then keep track of the file size while running. Parsing at the start will give you the entire file, so you should be able to get the.

From time to time I read that Fortran is or can be faster then C for heavy calculations. Is that really true? I must admit that I hardly know Fortran, but the Fortran code I have seen so far did...

Learning FORTRAN In the Modern Era

I've recently come to maintain a large amount of scientific calculation-intensive FORTRAN code. I'm having difficulties getting a handle on all of the, say, nuances, of a forty year old language,...

Best Fortran IDE

Is there anybody using Fortran on stackoverflow? What IDE do you use and which one do you think to be the best?Seems lots of people surround me are quite inconvenient with Intel Visual Fortran....

Why is fortran used for scientific computing?

I've read that Fortran is still heavily used for scientific computing. For code already heavily invested in Fortran this makes sense to me.But is there a reason to use Fortran over other modern...

Fortran 90 kind parameter

I am having trouble understanding Fortran 90's kind parameter. As far as I can tell, it does not determine the precision (i.e., float or double) of a variable, nor does it determine the type of a...


Difference between Fortran 90 and Fortran 95

Can I compile Fortran 90 files with a Fortran 95 compiler? There seems to be a lot for Fortran 95 but not Fortran 90.

Fortran - Cython Workflow

I would like to set up a workflow to reach fortran routines from Python using Cython on a Windows Machine after some searching I found...

Linking Fortran and C++ binaries using gcc

I can use gcc to make calls between C and C++ or between C and Fortran by using g++ or gfortran, respectively. But if I try to make procedure calls between C++ and Fortran I get errors when...

Fortran dll libraries across different fortran compilers

Can I compile a fortran subroutines that contains CUDA kernels through PGI compiler as DLLs then use them in a fortran program compiled by other fortran compilers (Fortran Powerstation)?I cannot...

converter software for fortran 77 to fortran 90


i have coding for fortran 77 but i want to converted to fortran 90..where can i donwload the converter software??

Update from Fortran IV to Fortran 77

I have received an consulting assignment where I will update a Fortran IV program to Fortran 77. The problem is that I never coded in Fortran. Can you give me tips on where I can learn Fortran and...

Interoperability: Fortran to C++

I would like to develop a Fortran Static Library that include a custom subroutine that takes a long time to complete.This static library will be linked in my C++ application statically too.My...

Sleep in Fortran

Does anyone know of an way to sleep for a given number of milliseconds in Fortran? I do not want to use non-portable system calls so anything intrinsic to Fortran or C libraries would be preferred.

R & Fortran call

I don't have experience with Fortran, but I am trying to run a very simple loop in that language by calling it from R via the .Fortran() function. Whenever I run the last line of the R code that...

Compiling FORTRAN IV or convert to FORTRAN 77?

I've got some code I need to run, written in FORTRAN IV. What are my options for running this code? Is there an application out there that can compile and run FORTRAN IV code on a PC? Or if...

How to install Fortran compiler (gcc42-fortran)

I'm trying to install R and came across this error during installation:, which is why i need to install the fortran compiler. Every .rpm i...

Fortran sources but no Fortran compiler found

I'm trying to install pyOpt in Python and I got this error :> error: library algencan has Fortran sources but no Fortran compiler foundI'm using Anaconda on windows 7, I tried to install...

Scons: What is the purpose of `FORTRAN*` variables when building Fortran?

Fortran Read Last Line From File

What is the purpose of the FORTRAN* variables in Scons? The manpage describes them as the default settings for all versions of Fortran. But as far as I can tell, in practice they are never used...

Fortran Compiler

I am developing an android app on a Mac.Does anyone know of a fortran compiler for android???I was going to call some fortran routines from a C routine. Then wrap the C routine with a java class...

Mixing C++ and Fortran

Is there a way to use the Clang compiler while mixing C++ and Fortran?Until now I use cmake with project(mixing CXX Fortran)but this triggers the use of g++. > -- The CXX compiler...

Integrate Fortran, C++ with R

My task it to rewrite a R function in C++ to accelerate the while loops. All R codes has been rewritten in the help of Rcpp and Armadillo except the .Fortran(). I try to use Rinside to at first...

Writing robust and 'modern' Fortran code

In some scientific environments, you often cannot go without FORTRAN as most of the developers only know that idiom, and there is lot of legacy code and related experience.And frankly, there are...

Fortran vs C++, does Fortran still hold any advantage in numerical analysis these days?

With the rapid development of C++ compilers,especially the intel ones, and the abilities of directly applying SIMD functions in your C/C++ codes, does Fortran still hold any real advantage in the...

Trouble with fortran( ) to generate FORTRAN code from MATLAB symbolic expression

I did a number of symbolic manipulations and obtain an expression for my variable z. I used the following code to generate the FORTRAN code for...

FORTRAN to C++ and C++ to FORTRAN Communication

I have a C++ application and FORTRAN application which are communicating via file. (Both direction)FORTRAN application is writing data to file and C++ is reading the data from the file.Now a new...

How to link Fortran exe with Fortran DLL?

Fortran 77 read file

I want to link my Fortran code with this Fortran made DLL.In simple way...Fortran program (editable code) --LINK-- Fortran DLL (uneditable) (linking method via Fortran program code??)I want...

Are FORTRAN 77 programs faster than Fortran 90 ones?

Today I was reading code from some very popular numerical libraries written in FORTRAN 77 such as QUADPACK (last updated in 1987), and I was wondering if there is any reason not to rewrite those...

Fortran read last line from file online

R: Advantages of using a Fortran subroutine with .Call and C/C++ wrapper instead of .Fortran?

I have an R package which uses lots of Fortran subroutines for nested loops of recursive linear algebra computations (depending heavily on BLAS and LAPACK routines). As an interface to Fortran, I...

Fortran 90 Resources?

I'm taking Fortran 90 class, and I'm looking for any good websites about Fortran.Does anyone know any?

Compiling Fortran IV code with Fortran 77 compiler

I have a code in Fortran IV that I need to run. I was told to try to compile it in Fortran 77 and fix the error. So I named the file with a .f extension and tried to compile it with gfortran. I...

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Fortran 77 Read File

Below we provide links to some sample netCDF programs.

Fortran Read Last Line From File Manager

  • Write a two-dimensional array of sample data that looks like simple_xy.cdl:
    • C: simple_xy_wr.c
    • Fortran 77: simple_xy_wr.f
    • Fortran 90: simple_xy_wr.f90
    • C++ (legacy): simple_xy_wr.cpp
    • C++ (netCDF-4): SimpleXyWr.cpp
    • Java:
    • Contributed: Python:, MATLAB: simple_xy_wr.m, Perl:, IDL:
    • Command-line: ncgen -b simple_xy.cdl
  • Read data from the simple file written above:
    • C: simple_xy_rd.c
    • Fortran 77: simple_xy_rd.f
    • Fortran 90: simple_xy_rd.f90
    • C++ (legacy): simple_xy_rd.cpp
    • C++ (netCDF-4): SimpleXyRd.cpp
    • Java:
    • Contributed: Python:, MATLAB: simple_xy_rd.m, Perl:, IDL:
    • Command-line: ncdump
  • Write some variables with units attributes and coordinate dimensions that will look like sfc_pres_temp.cdl:
    • C: sfc_pres_temp_wr.c
    • Fortran 77: sfc_pres_temp_wr.f
    • Fortran 90: sfc_pres_temp_wr.f90
    • C++ (legacy): sfc_pres_temp_wr.cpp
    • C++ (netCDF-4): SfcPresTempWr.cpp
    • Java:
    • Contributed: Python:, MATLAB: sfc_pres_temp_wr.m, Perl:, IDL:
    • Command-line: ncgen -b sfc_pres_temp.cdl
  • Read data variables and attributes from the file written above:
    • C: sfc_pres_temp_rd.c
    • Fortran 77: sfc_pres_temp_rd.f
    • Fortran 90: sfc_pres_temp_rd.f90
    • C++ (legacy): sfc_pres_temp_rd.cpp
    • C++ (netCDF-4): SfcPresTempRd.cpp
    • Java:
    • Contributed: Python:, MATLAB: sfc_pres_temp_rd.m, Perl:, IDL:
    • Command-line: ncdump
  • Write some four-dimensional variables using a record dimension in a file that will look like pres_temp_4D.cdl:
    • C: pres_temp_4D_wr.c
    • Fortran 77: pres_temp_4D_wr.f
    • Fortran 90: pres_temp_4D_wr.f90
    • C++ (legacy): pres_temp_4D_wr.cpp
    • C++ (netCDF-4): PresTemp4dWr.cpp
    • Java:
    • Contributed: Python:, MATLAB: pres_temp_4D_wr.m, Perl:, IDL:
    • Command-line: ncgen -b pres_temp_4D.cdl
  • Read from the variables in the file written above:
    • C: pres_temp_4D_rd.c
    • Fortran 77: pres_temp_4D_rd.f
    • Fortran 90: pres_temp_4D_rd.f90
    • C++ (legacy): pres_temp_4D_rd.cpp
    • C++ (netCDF-4): PresTemp4dRd.cpp
    • Java:
    • Contributed: Python:, MATLAB: pres_temp_4D_rd.m, Perl:, IDL:
    • Command-line: ncdump
  • Test MATLAB native support for netCDF-4: nc4test.m
  • Copy any netCDF classic or 64-bit offset file, using only the netCDF-3 API:
    • C: nccopy3.c
  • Copy any netCDF file, using the netCDF-4 API:
    • C: nccopy4.c
  • Write profile data according to CF Conventions version 1.6, Appendix H:
    • Fortran 90: example_h3_cf1_6.f90

Fortran Read File

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