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MatthewMock Oct 2, 2013 at 7:21 AM. The installer is located on the ShoreTel server in the following location. Just copy the installer onto a usb drive or something and then install it. C: Program Files (x86) Shoreline Communications ShoreWare Director ClientInstall and the file is called ShoreTelCommunicator.dmg. ShoreTel Communicator for Mac generates notifications when you receive a new call or voice mail. These notifications are enab led by installing Growl, wh ich is a freeware public domain product used to enable notification features in Mac OS X applications. Yes, there is a ShoreTel Communicator for the Mac! It looks a lot like the browser based version of the Communicator. It does not directly support IM funct.

  • Sep 30, 2021 Shoretel communicator free download - NJStar Communicator, ShoreTel Connect, ShoreTel Collaboration, and many more programs. The ShoreTel Communicator for Mac pc helps people on the set off stay linked with their company if they function on Microsoft Windows.
  • Communicator for Mac is a native Mac OS X application, which offers the features available through the Communicator for Web, plus additional Mac specific features. ShoreTel Communicator for Web Features; ShoreTel Communicator for Web provides options for controlling the following. What Is Microsoft Communicator Turn Your Computer Into a Telephone.

ShoreTel Phone - FindMe Forwarding on Mac You can change the call forward destination for each call handling mode. This page provides forwarding instructions for Mac users. Microsoft Word - ShoreTel MAC Communicator User Guide.docx Author: ddinkel Created Date: 3/20/2012 8:33:56 AM. Note that ShoreTel Communicator for Mac offers the features available through the Communicator for Web, plus additional Mac specific features such as contact dialing and importing from the Mac Address Book, dialing from many applications using Mac OS X services, auto-startup, badge with missed call and unheard voicemail counts as well as.

The Northshore School District phone system (was ShoreTel but now is MiTel) has a Connect application for Windows and Macintosh that provides remote use of your district phone, including managing voicemails, changing phone settings and modes, and even making calls through your district phone from your computer. The app has been installed on many staff Windows computers and on some staff Macintosh computers. For Macintosh users, the app is also available in Self Service for installation. Windows users needing the Connect app installed, please open a work order in the Technology Work Order system to request that installation.

Configuring Mitel Connect

We recently had an opportunity to work with a ShoreTel client that was exclusively using Apple Mac’s throughout their enterprise. We asked how they made that decision given the clear cost advantage WinTel PC hardware had over your basic Macbook. The answer was simple and clearly economic. They had used Windows in the past, but found that they had to many problems with virus, email, drivers and the annual cost of license renewals! Yes the Mac’s cost more but they just seem to work and they don’t have to worry license issues. Interesting.

This was a ShoreTel deployment so that made for some interesting trade offs when it got down to the desktop software. The ShoreTel Communicator is optimized for the Windows based machines. There are several license types for Personal, Professional, Workgroup Agent, Workgroup Supervisor and Operator Communicators. With the Mac, there is only one Communicator and it has the functionality of the ShoreTel Web Communicator which is basically a Personal Communicator.


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It does however get the job done as far as call handling modes, inbound primary phone options, multiple call management and visual voice mail. You can setup your call handling modes including your personal operator and find me functions for each mode. You can configure and select 5 alternative phones and setup your incoming call routing to include simultaneous ringing of other phones. The visual voice mail tab works just like you would expect and you can also select a history and call details tab.


The noticeable difference is the absence of IM options. ShoreTel had been suggesting the use of iChat for that function as that client was supported on the ShoreTel SA-100/400 conference servers. In the Communicator there is always more than one way to do something: point and click, right click, use some chord sequence on the keyboard that includes the control key. Right clicking on a Mac Communicator however is not going to work! There is however, drop down menu options that appear as required to assist your call management. All in all, the Mac client is an excellent solution if you have a Mac and a ShoreTel. You can download the MAC dmg installation file from the ShoreTel HQ server and you are good to go!

  1. I have used the native Mac OS Message application to IM my internal colleagues for quite some time now. You define the IP/hostname of the SA as a Jabber/XMPP host. In fact if you choose to open the port on your firewall, you can also use the client externally which is even better. As long as you have internet connectivity, you can IM your team from the Mac. If you don’t use Mobility on your iPhone or Android, you can install Trillian and have the same external IM functionality.

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