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  1. I had this same issue a few days ago getting Twilight Princess on mac. To connect the switch pro controller to Dolphin make sure the selected controller is not /input/Pro Controller but instead is /SDL/Pro Controller.
  2. 3.5-367; Windows Mac OS X Date Description; 32 Bit 64 Bit; Download: Download: Download: 7 years, 12 months Merge branch 'ipc-hle-hacks' Thanks skidau for testing and helping think of the solution!

Are you a computer or online game lover? If so, you are familiar with Triforce, Wii, GameCube, and Nintendo. For you to play these games, you need an emulator. Dolphin emulator is one of the top-ranking emulators among gamers.

An emulator is a software that enables a computing device to emulate video gaming consoles. So, a gamer can play their favorite games on their devices as they would on a gaming console hardware. But, due to the nature of different games, emulator performance can become slow. This aspect hurts your gaming experience.

Dolphin Emulator’s latest update. As part of the new update, Dolphin Emulator will be able to run natively on Apple M1 hardware. Moreover, the latest update encompasses fixes for emulation on. In the Windows taskbar right click at the bluetooth symbol and click on 'Add a device'. Press the 1+2 buttons on your Wiimote simultaneously and you will see the LEDs on the Wiimote blinking the whole time. When the Wiimote is recognized, it's name will be Nintendo RVL-CNT-01. When that shows up on the screen click on 'Next'. This video will show you how to connect your Switch Pro controller to your computer, and use it with the Dolphin Emulator, on Mac or PC.

There are some ways to make dolphin emulator run faster. Read on to learn how to fix dolphin running slow on good computer and enjoy your gaming sessions.

The Dolphin Emulator and Its Benefits

Dolphin emulator is a leading open-source and free gaming console emulator. The emulator can run on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. Also, Dolphin enjoys support for popular gaming emulations like Wii, GameCube, Nintendo, and Triforce.


Unlike other free emulators, Dolphin comes with several benefits. First, it makes the game run faster by removing all lags. Also, it is easy to run and provides support for your favorite game. So, you enjoy excellent graphics than ones on real video game consoles. Unfortunately, like we have already said, Dolphin emulator can become slow at some moment. This aspect will make your game to lower its accuracy and performance levels.

Dolphin Emulator 5.0 (Ishiiruka r699) - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (1080p HD) - Nintendo Wii

What are some of the causes of the Dolphin’s slow performance?

Issues That Affect the Dolphin Emulator Running Speed

For you to fix a given problem, you must know its cause. The same principle applies to the Dolphin emulator. You must understand what is affecting its performance to fix it. There is an array of issues that can hurt this emulator’s performance. Let’s discuss some of the most common ones:

Your Computer Operating Space

Like other software, Dolphin requires adequate space for your computer CPU. Limited space will result in lagging of this console. When the console experience lags, it will become slow. As such, you’ll experience poor loading and slow performance of both the emulator and your game.

The Configuration System of Your Platform

If you have enough space, the configuration system might be the cause of slow running. Your platform configuration setting might be wrong. The wrong settings make the platform slow. As well, this issue will consequently affect the Dolphin’s performance; thus making it to slow down.

The Graphic Settings

The Dolphin emulator offers different graphic settings. These settings include OpenGL, Vukan, DirectX 11, Software Renderer, and Null. Each of the settings allows you to match your graphic display and experience depending on the game you’re playing. Also, some of the options are for use by developers. Hence, using the wrong setting hurts the running speed of the emulator.

However, slow running issues are not permanent. There are several ways to fix them and make your Dolphin emulator run faster.

Ways to Make Dolphin Emulator Faster

The primary way to improve your Dolphin performance is by closing other running programs. As noted above, this emulator uses your computer CPU. When you close other programs, therefore, you offer enough space for this software to run effectively.

In addition, you can consider upgrading your hardware by getting a powerful PC. Sometimes, the Dolphin settings might be the cause of the slow running.

What do you do in such instances? Simple, here are ways to boost its performance by tweaking the emulator’s settings:

Dolphin Configuration Settings

Dolphin SVN R7719 - EmuCR

The configuration settings are crucial in enhancing the Dolphin emulator performance. To improve the emulator’s speed, you need to ensure it has the right settings. Following these steps:

  • Enable the Dual Core Option

To set them, open the Dolphin emulator and head to the “Config tab.” Click on it and tap the “General setting” icon. Then, select the “Enable Dual Core” option. This way, you will enhance the emulator speed.

  • Configure the CPU Emulation

On the same tab (general setting), you’ll see the CPU emulation option. Under it, there are several variables. For better performance, select the one labeled “JIT Recompiler.”

  • Fix the DSP Emulation Engine

Now, go to the “audio” tab. Click on it and head to the DSP Emulation Engine. Under this option, select DSP HLE Emulation.

Now, you’ve configured the Dolphin emulator to your system and improved its performance. However, these settings might not solve your problem. The graphics setting may be the cause of your slow running.

Graphic Settings

To fix the graphics settings, open Dolphin on your computing device and head to the graphics tab. Follow these easy steps to set the graphics:

  • General Settings

On the graphics tab, click the general setting icon. Then, on the basic category, click the drop-down bar. Here, you’ll get several options. You can choose between OpenGL and Direct3D11. However, if you’re using a low-end operating system, OpenGL is the perfect option.

Next, go to the display category and select “V-sync.” Remember to keep the Aspect Ratio as “auto.”

  • Set The Game/Internal Resolution

To speed up the Dolphin emulator performance, fixing the resolution is vital. So, here is what you need to do. On the graphics settings, click the “enhancements” tab. Here, set the internal resolution as native. If you’re using Windows, you can set it as “Windows size” for the best performance. Also, set Anti-aliasing as “None” and Anisotropic Filtering at 1x. Also, check the Scaled EFB copy.

  • Configure the Hacks

Now, go to the hacks tab. Under EFB (embedded Frame Buffer), check “Ignore format changes” and “Store EFB copies to text only” options. Leave the “Skip EFB Access from CPU” unchecked. Though checking it can fasten the emulator, it will hurt the playability of the platform.

Plus, select “fast” on the accuracy icon and check the GPU Texture Decoding on the Texture Cache category. Also, disable the External Frame Buffer (XFB). Other options you need to check are Disable Bounding Box and Fast Depth Calculation.

  • Advanced Settings

Finally, go to the “advanced” tab and select “disable fog” under the rendering category. With these settings, your graphics will perform optimally.

Wrapping Up

In a word, the Dolphin emulator is a crucial element in the gaming world. The console helps you to play your favorite game on your computing device. However, if it is experiencing lags and running slowly, you won’t get the best gaming experience.

Luckily, you can fix the issues. The process of resolving them is simple. So, you do not need a technician to fix them. All you need is to tweak the configuration and graphics settings. Plus, you should ensure your computer is not running other programs. In case fixing these aspects does not help the emulator to be fast, you need to upgrade to a powerful PC.

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