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CopyLess was designed not to replace the system clipboard, but to extend it in many ways. Everything you copy to the system clipboard is captured automatically, so you do not need to care how to get the data to CopyLess. CopyLess 1.8.11. Last Updated on July 10, 2020 by admin. AppStore QR-Code. Developer: Maksim Bauer. CopyLess is an advanced and flexible clipboard manager. Unlike the system clipboard CopyLess can store up to 100 items to which you have instant access at any time. A CRA is said to be copyless if it satisfies the following restrictions: (1)for every transition (p, a, θ, q) ∈ Δ and every register x, there is at most one occurrence of x in the list of expressions θ (x 1), θ (x n), where x 1, x n is an enumeration of X, and (2) for every final state q and every register x, there is at most. Just tried setting the option in Copyless 2, and it works as expected. Quitting the app clears non-favorites but leaves the system clipboard alone. Restarting clears non-favorites from Copyless’ history and the system clipboard isn’t saved. So at least with respect to that feature, Copyless 2 seems to do what you want.

Developer: Maksim Bauer

CopyLess is an advanced and flexible clipboard manager.

Unlike the system clipboard CopyLess can store up to 100 items to which you have instant access at any time.

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With CopyLess is no longer necessary to switch constantly between different applications or windows just to copy and paste several different items. Everything can now be copied at once and pasted when and wherever it is required.

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Simple and intuitive user interface allows you to focus on your essential work and not on application itself and there are no distracting visual effects or inconsistent content presentation.

– Everything you copy to the clipboard will be added to CopyLess list automatically.
– Extend your clipboard up to 100 items.
– Copy and paste data in any format supported by Mac OS X. Text, Pictures, Files and any applications specific data…
– Drag’n’Drop items between CopyLess and any other applications.
– See instantly the preview of stored items.
– Seamless Mac OS X Quick Look integration to preview the content of stored items.
– Favorites list to store the items persistently. One click adds the item to the favorites list.
– Paste as a “Plain Text” option.
– Access the clipboard with a single user defined keystroke.
– Paste up to 10 recent items and 10 favorites with user-defined keyboard shortcuts without opening the main window.
– Serial-paste support, paste up to 10 items in the same order you’ve copied them.
– Application filter to ignore data from defined applications.
– Displays the icon of source application the data was copied from.
– Integrated search to find fast the right item.
– Customizable labels for stored items to find them even faster.
– Put any element to the system clipboard without pasting it in to the active application.
– Define the maximal number of items stored in CopyLess.
– Optionally paste data with a single mouse click.
– Integrated “Quick Help” immediately explains all important features.

If you have any questions concerning CopyLess usage or ideas for the new features you can always get in touch with developers directly:

Email: [email protected]

We are happy to answer your questions and help you in case there are any problems with CopyLess.

What’s New in Version 1.8.11

– Improve compatibility with other applications

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