Best Drawing Software For Pc

This free drawing software can import PSD files and export your artwork to PSD format. Speaking of the best free drawing software, it’s hard to overlook Krita, a free and open-source drawing software for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS. It can be used to create illustrations, comics, concept art, and vectors. 3D CAD 7 Professional - Plan & design buildings from initial rough sketches to the finished blueprints - CAD and architecture software Markt + Technik 3.0 out of 5 stars 37. Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Paint 4 Kids. The mobile application costs 4.99 USD and the macOS version costs 9.99 USD. Probably the best free animation software on this list and one of the most recommended software for animation by professionals, Blender is an open-source software that runs on different platforms with ease. If you’ve got some experience, or looking to level up your 3D design skills, this is the perfect 3D software for you. Fusion 360 is a 3D software that offers the ability to create extremely detailed 3D models, but isn’t the best option for beginners. Price: Free, with Premium features $12/month.

Looking for a drawing program that’s not as elementary as Paint? Or perhaps something with more features and flexibility than the usual photo editor? Then have a look at these excellent drawing software we’ve listed. Some are great for digital sketching and some for painting and retouching images. And the best part? They’re absolutely free.

1. DrawPlus Starter Edition

This freeware is the ultimate in graphics and drawing software. Why? It’s a vector illustrator with a realistic set of tools like pencil, pen and brush. It’s also pretty accurate, with text on a path that’s just wonderful for creative designs. In addition, the shape-blending techniques and the professional colors are just great. Definitely worth checking out.


This beloved open-source software has a devoted community laboring for its development. And indeed, it has come a long way. The software is now more user-friendly, stable and packed with more features. It’s also pretty intuitive, with extensive customizations everywhere from widgets to tool sets. For photo editing, GIMP is your best bet. However, some graphic designers and illustrators may prefer vector editors like DrawPlus and not just an image manipulation program like GIMP.

3. Pixia

This English version of the popular Japanese software is best for full color graphics. There are lots of tools you can use for painting and retouching. The software even allows the customization of brush tips by using an image file to create very unique effects. There’s also plenty of free plugins and filter downloads, and it supports layers, masks and a variety of editing functions.

4. Artrage

Artrage is probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to a digital easel. Using this software is like drawing and painting on paper – it’s seamless, easy and realistic. There are 20 painting tools that you can use in a variety of settings and presets. There’s also an oil paint tool you can control to adjust paint volume and wetness. Go ahead watch your paint or watercolor smear realistically across your canvas, and be awed. Although the trial version does not expire, the save resolution and export format is limited unless you upgrade.

5. Chasys Draw IES

More user-friendly than other programs, Chasys is a full-feature editing and drawing software that allows you to create vector graphics and manipulate your photos with tons of tools and options. The program walks you through every project creation, which is pretty helpful for newbies. It’s also got a nifty Windows aero-compatible transparency that keeps unused tools and windows semitransparent until you hover your mouse over it. Overall, the software is intuitive, powerful and packed with awesome features.

6. Inkscape

Best Drawing Software For Pc

Another great vector illustrator, Inkscape is powerful, stable and flexible. The interface is pretty straightforward: tools and options are clearly presented and side palettes are tucked in. The tools for drawing and editing are actually good, and you can tweak the objects tool as creatively as you like. Everything is possible with Inkscape; you can create the simplest logos to the most complex graphic designs all in a single software.

7. SmoothDraw

SmoothDraw is another great freeware best used by free-hand artists. You can design and draw graphics, presentations, invitations and just about anything with this software. It supports brush and tool configuration and even ink-flow, which free-hand artists will appreciate. The program’s interface is easy to use and the image effects are more advanced than your usual drawing software.

8. Google Sketchup

This 3D drawing software is a helpful tool to make even the most inexperienced user create an awesome 3D art. Create a sketch to remodel your kitchen, design your new deck or landscape your yard and be amazed with professional-looking results. The program is simple, easy to use and is blissfully free of technical terms. Help and guides are also plenty, so you won’t get lost in the application. The fun part? Exporting your drawing to Google Earth. Very cool.

9. Paint.Net

Simple and powerful, this free image editor will allow you to design, create, retouch and restore images among others. Newbie or otherwise, this software is easy to use with a range of tools and options you can choose from. There’s even an unlimited undo button – every action is recorded so you can go back as deep as you want. You can also download tons of amazing plugins to go with this great program.

10. Pinta

Lighter and easier to use than other open-source drawing software, Pinta is ideal for newbies and experienced users alike. Pinta is full-featured, with 40 menu entries for image editing that supports multiple layers, drawing tools, photo effects and color adjustment, just to name a few. It also supports freehand drawing and has unlimited undo, which makes experimenting with an image worry-free. Pinta is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Are you more interested in freehand drawing, or image manipulation? Your pick of the best drawing software from this list will depend on the kind of digital art that interests you. Either way, there’s always a software that’s right for you.

3D Drawing Software – Tools for Creating Excellent 3D Drawings Quickly and Easily


Art can be expressed in various ways. 3D drawing is one of them. 3D drawing allows you to create an art that can resemble the objects in real life. Creating 3D objects can be more complex and more difficult than creating 2D objects. But, the results that you get from it will be better.

It will be more lifelike, and you can use it to present a more believable art to the world. Not only that, 3D drawing is needed in many industries to help produce various 3D models of objects. This is especially true in the construction, medical, and creative industries.



SketchUp offers the easiest way for you to draw in 3D, allowing even beginners to start their creative artwork. This software allows you to learn about 3D drawing quickly, turn your models into documents, find a 3D model of anything, and customize your 3D drawing. It supports Windows and Mac platforms with the latest OS installed.

Mesh Magic 3D

MeshMagic is a free and easy 3D modeling software that allows you to view and edit 3D renderings and 3D files. It features select entire objects, delete selected items, intuitive 3D design, modify STL files for printing, create 3D renderings, transform 2D into 3D, and colorize 3D objects. This software is available for Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Daz 3D

Daz 3D helps you to create stunning 3D visuals with the available Daz 3D assets. This software can be used in Hollywood productions, book covers, visual effects, freelance art and design, character design, and independent film. This software is available for Windows and Mac devices.


Meshmixer is a 3D drawing software that allows you to work with triangle meshes. It offers various features, including drag-and-drop mesh mixing, 3D sculpting, surface stamping, support for 3D printing, 3D patterns and lattices, hollowing, and 3D measurements. This is a free software that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.



Blender is an open source 3D drawing software that allows you to create 3D photo-realistic model and rendering. It features fast modeling, realistic materials, fast rigging, animation toolset, sculpting, fast UV unwrapping, full compositor, amazing simulations, game creation, and video editing. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


OpenCascade is a 3D drawing software that can be used for 3D engineering, 3D manufacturing, and 3D post-production. It offers geometrical 3D modeling, high performance visualization, CAD data processing, numerical simulation environments, interoperability with piping and plant design, and media gallery. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.


123D is a 3D drawing software that allows you to turn your ideas into 3D in the simplest way. It supports most 3D printer models, with various models and tools available for immediate use. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad.


Best Free Technical Drawing Software For Pc


Maya is a 3D animation software that offers comprehensive 3D animation capabilities, such as modeling, rendering, texturing, simulation, and animation tools. It features motion graphics, dynamics and effects, 3D animation, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and shading, and pipeline integration. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CentOS Linux.

Other 3D Drawing Software for Different Platforms

3D drawing software is compatible with most Windows operating systems with high hardware requirement, as well as Mac OS X and other platforms. It is also available on mobile devices.


FreeCAD is a parametric 3D modeling software that allows you to model 3D real-life objects easily. It features full-parametric model, modular architecture, import and export to standard formats, sketcher, robot simulation, drawing sheets, and rendering module. It is available for Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac OS X.


Spacedraw is an Android app that allows you to create 3D models directly with your Android devices. It features 4 touch points, draw freehand lines, rotate and change view, adjust splines, create various 3D shapes, various parameters, and auto-align.


OpenSCAD is a 3D drawing software used to create solid 3D CAD objects. This software focuses more on the CAD aspect of your 3D design, rather than the artistic aspect. Thus, it is more suited to be used for CAD programmers rather than artistic designers. This software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


uMake is a 3D sketching software available for iPad. This app offers various features, including sketch planes, symmetry, surfaces, extrude and revolve, and array. It allows you to express your ideas in the most intuitive way, with the next generation design tools.

AutoDesk Fusion 360 – Best 3D Drawing Software of 2016

AutoDesk Fusion 360 is a complete 3D drawing and designing software that allows you to design, engineer, and simulate any 3D objects. This software allows you to manage your design projects with your team, allowing you to use the power of the cloud to bring your design ideas into reality together. It is available for PC and Mac, and it is free to use if you are a student, enthusiast, hobbyist, or startup owner.

What is 3D Drawing Software?

3D drawing software is the type of software that allows you to create, draw, and design 3D objects. This software can be used for 3D rendering and animation as well. This is the type of software that is used to create 3D objects in book covers, Hollywood movies, games, and 3D animation movies. With this software, you can draw any 3D objects directly on your computer, and you can also print your 3D objects easily.

How to Install 3D Drawing Software?

Most of 3D drawing softwares require you to have a powerful device to run it. For instance, if you have a Windows computer, you need to have a high-performance hardware in order to run this software smoothly. Using the latest version of the operating system is also recommended. To install the software, you have to download the installation file from the official website of the respective software, and then run the installation file on your compatible device.

Best Art Program For Windows

Creating a beautiful 3D art or design can be done only by using the best 3D drawing tool. Without the best 3D drawing tool, you might not be able to fully put your design ideas into reality, the way you have imagined it. So, it is important for you to pick the best 3D drawing software if you want to create stunning 3D design arts and truly unleash your creativity. The better the software, the more design options, and features that you can use to enhance your 3D drawings and make it look beautiful and awesome.

Best Drawing Software For Artists

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