B Restriction On Drivers License

Washington driver license restriction codes

Non-CDL License Classification, Endorsements and Restrictions

Applicable restriction codes and condition codes are indicated in an individual’s Professional or Non-Professional Driver’s License. Here’s everything you need to know about them. Updated LTO restriction codes. When you successfully get a driver’s license, it’s important to know which types of motor vehicles you’re allowed to drive. Recently leaked photos of the new prototype driver’s license reportedly shows LTO having new driver’s license codes (DL Codes) to replace existing restrictions. This new system adds sub-levels to some of the restrictions. Under the new DL Code system, motorcycles are classified as A, while tricycles are under A1.

CDL Class (A, B, And C) Licenses DMV.ORG

The following is the definition of a Non-CDL license classification and the endorsements and restrictions that appear on the Connecticut operator licenses. For specifics on commercial driver licenses, please see CDL classifications, endorsements and restrictions.

Non-Commercial Driver's License:

Class D - Any motor vehicle that does not require a CDL.


Driver License Restriction B Texas

M = Motorcycle
V = Student Transportation Vehicles, includes Activity Vehicle, Taxi, Livery, Service Bus and Motor Coach
A = Activity Vehicles, includes Taxi, Livery, Service Bus and Motor Coach
F = Taxi, Livery, Service Bus, Motor Coach
Q = Fire Apparatus (by request of the Fire Chief only)


3 = 3-Wheeled Motorcycle only
B = Corrective Lenses
C = Mechanical Aid
D = Prosthetic Aid
E = Automatic Transmission
F = Outside Mirror
G = Limited to Daylight Driving Only
R = No Limited Access Roads
U = Hearing Aid Required
W = Medical Waiver Required
Y = For Driving Purposes Only

A Medical Certificate (MCSA-5876) is required to be on file with DMV to operate the following vehicle weights with a Class D license:


Driving Intrastate

18,000 GVWR to 26,000 GVWR

Driving Interstate

10,000 GVWR to 26,000 GVWR

B Restriction On Drivers License