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After the TVZion app got offline in early September 2020, a lot of applications came into the market and tried to offer the same features. However, no one was able to replace TVZion, except Syncler. Well, things have changed and many applications have been released since then, one of them is Syncler APK. It provides you the latest videos and movies in different qualities using high-speed server links. So, in this guide, we’ll provide you the complete detail about Syncler and how it is better than other streaming applications.

What is Syncler APK?

Syncler is an Android streaming application that presents the information and links of the latest movies and videos at your fingertips. As the fork of the old TVZion app, Syncler comprises all its features. Plus, it supports TMDB, Trakt, and Real-debrid to give the user a whole new experience.

Syncler has an amazing User-Interface with tins of cool features and movie categories. You can also filter out the content based on their length, rating, year of release, and genres like Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Action, and Drama.

Syncler APK Features

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Syncler Home: Features a fully customizable collection of different sections like genres, year, HD, 4K, and language. When you click, each section would expand endlessly with hundreds of videos.

Voice Search: Voice search makes it easier to search your data, than ever before.

Trending section and list: Integrated with Trakt.TV, Syncler can access You can access your watch list, history, personal Trakt collection, lists liked lists through Syncler’s Trakt browser.

Cloud Cache Streaming: You can link a Real-debrid account with Syncler and directly stream the content from your debrid cloud cache. You can manage your account and directly stream the content from within the app.

Custom filtering/sorting: Filter your search and videos based on quality, genre, year of release, filesize, and bitrate resolution.

More Features

User Interface and Customization: The simple yet, excellent UI lets you stream any content of different quality without many efforts. No need to check look around your player where you left the video, no need for source deception, get all these options on your fingertips at Syncler home. On Android TV and smartphones, it will show the recent content at the homepage with titles and the highlighted time you watched it for.

External Player, Trakt, Chromecast: With Syncler, you can now your TV directly from different devices using the browser links. It also supports MX and VLC media players so that you can easily enjoy your videos without going through new media players. For seamless integration, you can import the watch history, sync, and access your history, collection, and watch lists through Trakt Browser.

Anime, Web-series, and More: Not just the latest videos and movies of different genres and languages, Syncler provides a wide range of content like Anime, kids, and the Korean-Drama section on its latest version, that is Syncler 4.0.

Better Streaming Experience: Get a better ping, bit-rate, and high-quality links from different servers. It automatically detects the best sources, bit-rate, and resolution to select the best possible file sources. With this feature, you can also filter out the content based on your preferences and internet stability.

Content: Perhaps the most important thing to judge any Streaming application would be the content it provides. You can directly play the content on the app using different server links. The app also allows you to download the content directly on your device so that you can enjoy it later.

At present, if you want to enjoy the content on Syncler, you either have to integrate a Real-debrid account or use a Provider package like Trakt to stream videos on your device. However, the company is working to add 3rd-party server links for the movies, so that you can directly enjoy them without any hassle.

Download APK

Install Syncler APK in Android Device

Step 1. First thing first, enable your Android “Unknown Sources” option. Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources. Tap on turn on “Unknown Sources” option. Just ignore any warning.

Step 2. Download the Syncler APK file from the above-given Download button. The app is the latest version so you don’t need to worry about getting the latest update.

Step 3. Once you successfully download the APK file, go to your favorite File Manager. Open the APK file you just downloaded and tap on Install. The installation process will start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Syncler available for free?

Ans –There are two versions of Syncler, free and paid(also known as Syncler+). In the normal version, you’ll get all the necessary features and latest content, but there would be some limitations and advertisements in between the streaming and interface. However, Syncler+ would be completely ad-free and sully support services like Debrid and Trakt.

2.What devices Syncler would work on?

Ans – Syncler works on almost any Android device like smartphones, tablets, Firestick, Amazon Fire, Nvidia Shield, and Lollipop+. You can also use it on Windows PC by installing it in an Android simulator like Bluestacks. Yeah, it’s not a direct method, but it works. The installation process for various devices is different. You can the procedure on Youtube or the official website.

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3.Does Syncler have Subtitles?

Ans –Yes, you can have subtitles for almost any movie or video in different languages. You can also search the subtitles by filenames, custom name, Imbd ID, and film code.

4.What permissions do I need to give?

Ans-No permits are required to enjoy the application’s best movies and videos on Syncler. However, it requires permission for accessing memory while downloading any content.

Syncler vs TVZion

Syncer and TVZion are very similar to each other. TVZion provides you the latest content with high-sped server links, while Syncler also enables you to integrate your Real-debrid, Trekt, and Cloud cache account with it. it has an amazing interface with a lot of features and lists of different movies. The interface of Syncler is better than Syncler APK. Some features that make it better from Syncler are Scrappers, third party packages, and more.

Although, Syncler itself will not provide the links, the feature to support third-party apps. So, Syncler APK would be a better choice to watch your favorite content at high-quality for free.

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Syncler is one of the best streaming applications to watch and download the latest content on your device. You can integrate 3rd party provider packages like Trekt, Real-Debrid, and others. The developers’ are also working to add various server high-quality links so that you can easily stream them in high-quality. You can play them in any media player with technical information and ratings. So, download the app now and enjoy the best quality content on different devices for free.

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